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Adventure Tourism>> Sport Hunting, Villa Pehuenia, Patagonia, Argentina

The species that are forbidden to hunt during the whole year because there are autochthonous are: pudú, huemul, guanaco and puma. 
On the contrary the exotic species (brought from Europe) are the following ones: red deer, lady deer, axis deer, wild boar, íbex goat. 
These species were brought and expanded quickly occupying the area from the town of San Carlos de Bariloche (Río Negro province) as south limit, until the area of Aluminé lake (Villa Pehuenia) as north limit. 
The activity is divided in major and minor hunt. The first one refers to the hunt of boar and red deer. The hunt season of the boar is from March 15 to December 31 and the admitted maximum quantify to hunt is 10 animals. The red deer hunt has its maximum in 6 animals and the season is of March 15 until ends of May. Dates and ends can vary according to regulation. 
The minor hunt is of quail, rabbit, hare, martineta, duck, partridge and fox. The season of hunt minor is from principles of May until ends of July. Except for the hare that continue until ends of December and the fox and the rabbit at the end of April. With regard to these last the admitted quantity is limitless while the martineta is of 4 and the rest of 6. Dates and ends can vary according to regulation. 
In Neuquén province it's completely forbidden sport hunting in: Auca Mahuida, Cañada de Molina, Copahue-Caviahue, El Mangrullo, Tromen lagoon, Epu Lauquen lagoon, Los Barros.
Lastly to carry out the activity it's necessary condition obtain the permission. The same one can be process in some Fauna Delegations of Aluminé, Junín de los Andes, Piedra del Águila or San Martin de los Andes. 
Dirección Provincial de Turismo: (54)  (0299) 424 08 9 / 42 33 86.
Delegación de Fauna : 0800-666-6636.


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