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Adventure Tourism>> Rafting, Villa Pehuenia, Patagonia, Argentina

Vertiginous sport practiced in several rivers of Neuquén province. Without a doubt one of the best is Aluminé river. Its great flow becomes from streams and rivers that end in it as Nahuel Mapi, Quillén and others. 
This river is born in Moquehue and Aluminé lakes. Its basin is surrounded by green fertile valleys. 
The sectors of the rivers differ according to its difficulty grades. 
Six grades exist:




Slow current where to fall to the water is difficult. 

To practice with children and the whole family.


For beginners. The currents are quicker and can be practiced with the whole family. 

The surf are bigger.


Intermediate, with irregular surf, stronger rapids and some slopes.

Caution: only allowed to children bigger than 7 years.


Advanced, with big slopes, rocks and quick currents.Advisable to children bigger than 16 years.


For Experts of the topic, with great quantity of difficulties, irregular and quick currents.

It's necessary to know safe-deposit and manage all the elements and technical of rescue.


High danger. It's not advisable its sailing.


Aluminé river is divided in four sections from north to south, according to its characteristic and difficulty grade.
The first section begins in Lonco Luan where the stream of the same name connects with the Aluminé river. Its journey is approximately 15 kilometers concluding in del Castrón Island, skirted by the beauty of the landscape and ñires and pehuenes forests.
The difficulty grade is III and IV that of more demand along the river. The journey can be carried out only between spring and January, because the flow diminishes in winter making impossible its sailing in some sectors. However, to practice kayak doesn't exist restrictions. Some well-known rapids are Escoda, Cheuquellan, El cañadón and Waikiki. 
The second section goes from del Castrón Island to the beginning of Abra Ancha Circuit, some kilometers to the south of Aluminé city. This journey is more than 30 kilometers oscillating between the grades I and II. Due to its scarce difficulty it can be carried out family floated (Floating) and fishing in places where deep pools are formed. 
A characteristic of this section is that can be carried out rafting and kayak in any time of the year. 
The third section begins in Abra Ancha Circuit. The journey is about 6 kilometers with difficulty grades II and III. This section is spectacular beauty, example of this is Cañadón del Ciprés being able to practiced rafting during the whole year.
Finally the fourth and last section is from Abra Ancha until the fork of Aluminé river with Chimehuín river where Collón Curá river is born. This sector is width and depth and capable for kayak in grades I and II, as well as for the fishing in whose time is forbidden to practice rafting.
Finally it's indispensable to mention the necessity to respect the regulations and safe-deposit conditions. The craft should be enabled by Naval Prefecture for what it will have all the necessary safe-deposit elements. Among these are headphones, vests lifeboat, cables, short oars for each one of the crew, shoes and as much as possible wet suits, insulating of the cold. Also must be among the crew a Guide that will use the central oars and will be in charge of carrying out the maneuvers and stocks that require a technical instruction.



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