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Excursions>> Near Trips>>  BATEA MAHUIDA VOLCANO, Villa Pehuenia, Patagonia, Argentina


Villa Pehuenia: Batea Mahuida volcano BATEA MAHUIDA VOLCANO 

Villa Pehuenia: Batea Mahuida volcano


Beginning: From Tourist Information on Provincial Road 13. Or from any other point that access to the road. 

Duration: 1 hour approximately. If you want to make the walk on foot consult the section Trekking or consult the section Horseback Riding.

Dificuly: intermediate. 

Modality: car, horse, on foot, bicycle.
Interest: Exceptional panoramic view of the region. See Aluminé and Moquehue lakes and Lanín, Llaima and Villarrica volcanoes (both last in Chile). You will observe the volcano crater and a lagoon to the interior of the crater. 

Description: Take PR13 in address to Icalma Pass (Chile). You will go by Commercial center, School, Vivero (warren) Provincial and then for the road that takes to La Angostura. Later on you will also find Border Army. Continue road without straying until the poster that indicates the access to Batea Mahuida Snow Park on the right margin approximately to 8 km from the beginning. From the road until the volcano crater are approximately 10 km more. You will find with the characteristic pehuenes and ñires forests. Once up you will find Snow Park restaurant and later on with an access barrier. You will pay to enter- remember that you are in Puel Mapuche Community lands -. Continue road that takes you some few kilometers to the volcano crater. During this amazing itinerary with little vegetation and magnificent pehuenes forests you will see some of the panoramic views that you will be able to see after from panoramic points. 
Inside the same one you will find a pretty lagoon. One can walk for its volcanic sand beaches and observe the peculiar colors so much of it sand as of the water, related directly with the eruption of the volcano.
You can ascend to view points that are located in the left hillside of the road. You will observe Lanín - located in Lanín National Park - Llaima and Villarrica volcanoes (both in Chile). Below you will see Aluminé and Moquehue lakes obviously you will also appreciate an exceptional panoramic view.
If you want to arrive to the second lagoon in road to Batea Mahuida Pass you will must make it on foot. For its description visit the Trekking section.


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