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Nature>> Flora, Villa Pehuenia, Patagonia, Argentina


Villa Pehuenia: pehuenes


The predominant vegetation in the area is that of Andean Patagonian forest with pehuenes forests, pellín oak, lenga, cedar, raulí, coihue, morello, ñire, radal, cypress. These last three species are characteristic of transition area from east to west from steppe to Andean Patagonian forest. 
According to the floor type and climatic factors (droughts, winds, height, cold) the species have particular adaptations. 
An example is the pehuén or araucaria araucana that adapted to the possibility of fires because this specie grow in areas with volcanic eruptions and scarce rains. Consequently its branches grows in the high, its bark is thick and not very inflammable and the yolks that keep preserved reborn later on. 
This specie is the most characteristic in the province. It's an alive fossil because it didn't have changes in its organism during millions of years. In turn the same one is considered relict species. It means those species that diminished its area growth for natural causes being located in certain zone. 
The development of these species is slow and lingering existing trees nowadays that cohabited and fed to our mapuches predecessors. It fruit is the seed which mature in the autumn and is highly nutritious food. Compete for it rodents, cachañas and human beings.
In the under story colihue canes, different types of mushrooms, musk rose (introduced species), bushes, coirones, grasses and flowers like amancay and mutisia grows. 
The area also has several hectares of pines plantations from the north hemisphere for forestation. This is being very discussed if it brings more advantages (economic earnings) or more disadvantages (erosion of the floor, loss of flora and fauna diversity, etc). This type of forestation can be observed when trafficking the roads of the region.


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