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Nature>> Fauna, Villa Pehuenia, Patagonia, Argentina

In the area in that Villa Pehuenia is you will observe so much species of Andean Patagonian forest as those that inhabit the area of its transition with steppe as the small lizards.
A characteristic of the forests of the south is that there is not great variety of species neither these are of great size (discounting the introduced species) like it happens in other continents.
Also in these forests there are many endemic mammals that are those that were developed evolutionarily in the same place in which arose being isolated in certain area.
Examples of endemic mammals are Pudú and Huemul, this last is in extinction danger for several reasons as being the fires, illnesses, hunt, introduction of species, etc. Also other autochthonous terrestrial species are Puma, Guanaco, Patagonian Hare, Rodent and Red and Gray Fox. 
On the other hand the introduced species are red Deer, Lady Deer, Axis Deer, European Rabbit, Boar and íbex Goat whose populations are regulated with working of the hunters. 
The costs of the Villa are surrounded by Aluminé lake. For its great depth and surface it possesses limited diversity of aquatic fauna and serves as temperatures pacifier. 
In rivers and lakes of the area can be found autochthonous and introduced species. Among the first ones puyén and a variety of mackerel (the Patagonian) can be stood out while the brown, fontinaris and rainbow trouts were introduced. 
Finally among the birds are Cauquén, Bandurria, wild Duck, Swan of black neck, Andean Condor, Araucanian Dove, Cachaña (seed disperser and depredator) and Carpenter of Red Head, at the moment in extinction danger and also denominated Giant Carpenter because is the bird of bigger size of South America.

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