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Excursions>> Lanin National Park, Villa Pehuenia, Patagonia, Argentina




Villa Pehuenia: UbicationUBICATION:

Lanín National Park was created in 1937 and occupies 379.000 hectares. It's located to the Southwest of Neuquén province limiting to the west with Chilean Republic and to the south with Nahuel Huapi National Park. 
Relief located between 600 and 3.776 meters on the level of the sea its maximum height is Lanín volcano of 3776 meters on the level of the sea. Its name in Mapudungun (Mapuche´s language) means "dead rock" or "dead of a gorging."


Villa Pehuenia: ReliefRELIEF:

Its relief is consequence of the glaciations action visible in the valleys. In turn it's evident in some areas of the park its past of volcanic activity. In the north region stands out Rucachoroy cordon with a maximum height of 2.296 meters on the level of the sea. The relief is typical of Andes mountain range that goes diminishing mountains height when moving away from the same one toward the east. 


Villa Pehuenia: AccesACCES:

We can access to Park for the north from Villa Pehuenia through Provincial Road (PR) 11 that enters to the area of Ñorquinco lake. From Aluminé to Rucachoroy (PR18) or Quillén (PR46). From Junín de los Andes you can enter for PR60 to Mamuil Malal Pass (previously called Tromen). For PR61 to Lanín volcano or to Paimún and Huechulafquen lakes. Or for PR62 to Termas (bathterms) de Lahuen-Co and to Carirriñe Pass. From San Martin de los Andes for PR48 to Hua Hum or National Road 234 to Siete lagos and later entrance to Nahuel Huapi National Park. 


Villa Pehuenia: ClimateCLIMATE:

Between January and March the extreme temperatures are: 0º C (32º F) to 33º C (91º F), while the stocking fluctuates between the 17º (63º F) and 24º C (75º F). In winter the stocking is of 8º C (46º F) with minimum -3º C (27º F) and maximum 16º C (61º F). The rains reach the annual 1900 mm. 




Villa Pehuenia: HidrographyHIDROGRAPHY:

An important aquatic basin exists whose main mirrors of water from north to south are the lakes: Quillén, Tromen, Paimún, Huechulafquen, Lolog and Lácar. The basin of Lácar lake drains in Pacific being this an exception in the area where the rest of the lakes drains in Atlantic ocean.


Villa Pehuenia: FloraFLORA:

The vegetation is very varied. In the north area it's characteristic pehuenes forests. To the west raulí and coihue forests with dense under story of cane colihue. And to the east an extensive transition with steppe area whose more representative trees are mountain range cypress and radal. 


Villa Pehuenia: FaunaFAUNA:

The autochthonous species of mammals are coipo, huiña cat, guanaco, puma, pudú pudú, red fox. Among the birds they are moorish eagle, mandola, cauquén, cachaña (parrot), giant black carpenter, condor. On the contrary the exotic species are red deer, rabbit, boar and hare.

Villa Pehuenia: Intendancy, delegations and sectional INTENDANCY, DELEGATIONS AND SECTIONAL:

The Park Intendancy:

                                         San Martin from the Andes, Emilio Frey 749. Tel: (02972) 42 72 33 / 42 83 97. 

The delegations are located: 

                                        Aluminé, 4 de Caballería 675, Tel: (02942) 49 63 36.

                                        Junín de los Andes, Padre Milanesio 596. Tel: (02972) 49 11 60.

The Ranger sectional (authority inside the Park), nearer to Villa Pehuenia are: 

                                        -Ñorquinco Sectional: located south margin to 500 m of the east head of the lake

                                        Ñorquinco for the road that skirts the lake. 

                                        -Rucachoroi Sectional:: to 500 m of the east head of the lake Rucachoroi for the road

                                        that it skirts the lake. 

                                        -Quillén Sectional: in: east head of the Quillén lake.


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