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How to Arrive>> How to enter, Villa Pehuenia, Patagonia, Argentina

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Villa Pehuenia: UbicationUBICATION:

Neuquén province, Aluminé department, argentine Patagonia, more exactly to the east of Andes mountain range on Provincial Road 13. The village is located between this road and the north coast of Aluminé lake.
It's characteristic of the region the mountains and glacier lakes, standing out Aluminé and Moquehue lakes, while to the southwest Pilhué, Nompehuen, Ñorquinco and Pulmarí lakes. It's dominated by pehuenes (Araucaria araucana) pure forests and Batea Mahuida volcano with its Snow center.


Villa Pehuenia: AccessACCESS:

You can access from two cities: Zapala (Provincial Road 13) or Aluminé (Provincial Road 23).
From Zapala for PR13 they are 117 km of attractiveness road for areas of high mountain, between 1500 and 2000 meters on the level of the sea. In this journey you will find two places: to 59 km of Zapala it's Primeros Pinos, to 25 km more Kilka. When arriving to the bifurcation with Road 23 you will see to your right Litrán river to approximately 8 km. In bifurcation turn right, you will find the place of the same name and to few meters the first Tourist Information. 
If you circulate for Road 23 from Aluminé you will traffic the valley of the river of same name. Approximately to 35 km is Aluminé lake and 5 km more and you will find Lonco Luan place. About 8 km separates you from Litrán and the first Tourist Information. 
An interesting option is to go for Road 11 and to carry out Pehuenia Circuit. From Aluminé there are 19 km until the bifurcation of this Road with the 11. 
In winter you should take from Zapala the National Road 40 after PR 46 of singular beauty, you will traffic Laguna Blanca National Park. Then PR23 for finally to take PR13. The total journey is 197km.

Villa Pehuenia: EntranceENTRANCE:

After Tourist Information located on PR23 in the proximities of Litrán river, continue on road to your left for PR13. Few kilometers more you will see to your left the first location of houses, Villa Unión. Right away you will see to both sides of the road small lagoons and meters later on you will find Villa Italia. Few kilometers you will see Tourist Information, Pollo Laufquen lagoon, Residence area and Services area. 
If you continue road to your left you will find La Angostura, union of Aluminé and Moquehue lakes. You will continue for that beautiful walk until Puel Mapuche Community or continue road to Icalma (Chile) (we recommend to visit the section Custom's Information) or PR11 to Pehuenia Circuit.


Villa Pehuenia: The villageTHE VILLAGE:

Villa Pehuenia is located among Road 13 and Aluminé lake and it's separated in two areas very defined denominated: Residence and Services. 
Residence area you will find after Villa Italia (we maintain between road and lake), the second one is located in peninsula.
If you already have reserved place to stay follow the indicative posters of the elected establishment, you will always find them on the road. Another very good residence option you will find it in Moquehue.
Services area begins in Pollo Laufquen lagoon (soon after the second Tourist Information on PR13). You will see Commercial center, take to your left and you will enter to the same one. There you will find Booths, Stores, Butcher shops, Pharmacy, production and sale of regional articles and Service Station, etc. 

Villa Pehuenia: MoquehueMOQUEHUE:




It's located on PR11 in the west of the lake of same name. Moquehue and Villa Pehuenia are the Pehuenia Circuit. 
From Villa Pehuenia on PR13 to 3 km you will go by La Angostura (union of Moquehue-Aluminé lakes). Few meters it's Border Army position, continue on the way to there to the bifurcation with PR11 (approx. 5km). Attention: if you continue for PR13 you will go to Icalma, Chilean international boundary. You will have to make the corresponding steps in Migrations Office next to Border Army position in La Angostura.
Continuing on road to Moquehue you will see to your right beautiful pehuenes and ñires forests, while to your left you will locate the lake. Like reference in the first place you will cross El Verde stream, then Las Animas stream for finally arrive to destination previous step for Border Army position. 

Villa Pehuenia: Distances from Villa PehueniaDISTANCES FROM VILLA PEHUENIA

City (Argentina) km mile City (Chile) km


Alumine 60 37.28 Icalma  16 9.94
Buenos Aires 1620 1006.6 Pucón  231 143.5
Caviahue 281 1740.6 Temuco  157 97.5
Junín de los Andes 173 107.5 Victoria 226 140.4
Moquehue 23 14.2 Los Angeles 333 206.9
Neuquen 302 187.6 Concepción 461 286.4
San Martín de los Andes  214 132.9 Valdivia  282 175.2
Zapala 124 77 Villarrica 206 128
Villa La Angostura (x 7 lagos) 324 201.3
Villa Traful (x 7 lagos) 319 198.22


Villa Pehuenia: By planeBY PLANE:

They are two options to arrive by air to Villa Pehuenia, the first one from the airport located in Zapala, the second from the airport of Neuquén capital.

Villa Pehuenia: Villa Pehuenia Travel Guide, Patagonia, Argentina: How to enter.

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