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How to Arrive>> Custom´s information, Villa Pehuenia, Patagonia, Argentina


Villa Pehuenia: UbicaciónREQUIREMENTS:

To leave Argentina with an argentinean vehicle (Argentinean or foreigner with permanent residence in the country) you should be the owner of the same one or have authorization of the owner before notary, otherwise to make the exit form in the customs so that it's this authority who certifies the owner's signatures and the authorized one.
The vehicle in condominium unfailingly debit side to have the other owner's authorization (in that case this won't travel).
It's obligatory the engraving of the driver's license in the vehicle's glasses.
All kind of products wanted to export temporarily must be in name of the interested or have authorization of notary or of the customs about boats, motorcycles, etc.
In case of the rented cars you will specify your intention of leaving the country to the rent-a-car company, which should be inscribe in the customs and will give to the interested a form with which will be able to take out the vehicle.
When entering to the country like tourists will be able to enter:
Without payment of rights:
Clothes, objects of personal use.
Books and newspapers.
Any type of merchandises until a limit of U$S150 (whenever one doesn't show off commercial ends).
With payment of rights of 50% (On what exceeds of U$S150)
Any type of merchandises (whenever one doesn't show off a commercial or industrial end).
It's absolutely forbidden to enter merchandises that doesn't constitute baggage, firearms (without authorization of the competent authority), import merchandises prohibited by non economic reasons, explosive, inflammable, narcotics.
You can use the franchise a single time per month, it's personal and not divisible. 

Villa Pehuenia: UbicaciónGO TO CHILE:

You can't enter to Chile any eatable merchandise not origin packed or opened up, neither fruits, vegetables, etc., because the Chilean service of agricultural-cattleman will destroy it in the same international boundary. 
To enter with domestic animals they will have certificates of vaccination up-to-date and a perseverance of a professional that the animal doesn't possess some illness, dated not more than 10 days of advance.
To be entered you will complete a form in which you will be declared the money in cash that you take and in what currency

Villa Pehuenia: Villa Pehuenia Travel Guide, Patagonia, Argentina: Custom´s information.

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