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Adventure Tourism>> Fishing, Villa Pehuenia, Patagonia, Argentina


Villa Pehuenia: Fishing


The fishing season extends from November 15 until approximately Easter in April. 
The autochthonous fish that are observed in the area are: pejerrey patagónico and puyén, among others.
Salmon trout is an exotic specie introduced around the 1900 in the area of San Carlos de Bariloche (Río Negro province) the same as the introduced locked-in salmon one decade later. The trout in the region is in rivers and lakes attracting fishermen from all over the world for its great size, quantity, militancy and its genetic quality. 
Exist in the region three varieties of trouts: brown, brook and rainbow. This last one justifies its name for its reddish, blued, greenish and silver colors. The tones varies if the time close of it spawns. These species are originate of north hemisphere except the brown one that is originate from Europe, north of Africa and west of Asia. The rainbow and brook trout from U.S.A. 
Regarding the techniques to use is the Fly Casting for which we recommend to make a previous course for its practice. The second is the Spinning the most utilized for the fishermen for its simplicity and because it can be used from the coast or from a craft. The last one is the Trolling whose team is very heavy and only usable from a craft.
For those that possess a craft and want to fish in Aluminé lake they will be advised previously about the road that will continue, because the lake is characterized to have in its bottom several irregularities and dangerous prominences. A good idea is hire the services of a fishing guide.
In Litrán river is admitted only fishing in Fly Casting modality. There you will find rainbow trouts. 
This river ends in the northeast of Aluminé lake and you can consent to the same one through the bridge of Provincial Road 23 to very few kilometers of the Villa. 
While in Aluminé river that is born of the lake of the same name two techniques can be used the Fly Casting and the Spinning. 
This last river approximately 160 km, varies in characteristics according to the area. The first part from Aluminé lake until its encounter with Pulmarí river. From this until to Quillén river the quantity of fish is abundant. The last zone from Quillén river can be one of the most recommended.


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